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"... I should start with a disclaimer that I do not consider myself extremely gifted in the home improvement department, but have become more adventurous over the years. I bought my house from the 1920’s about 10 years ago off my sister when she moved to NYC. My sister had a new roof put on, but there was water damage to the ceiling in the dining area. I had been looking into getting the ceiling repaired and started looking into installation of a tin ceiling (actually made of unfinished steel). I ended up looking at Shanker Industries website... It was very user friendly and they actually sent me samples the next day. With the help of some friends, we were able to put up the ceiling and put a fresh coat of paint in the dining area in under 2 weeks..."
- Morris Brown


About Shanker Industries

Welcome to Shanker Industries, the oldest and largest manufacturer of authentic decorative metal walls and ceilings in the country. Since 1896 we are the ONLY manufacturer using sand cased steel dies from original wood carvings to create all of our designs.You'll find our products in restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, renovation and restoration, new home construction, do-it-yourself chains, home centers, and lumberyards.

In addition to decorative applications, some Shanker products are perforated, perfect for acoustical installations in hotels, conference centers, offices, or any other interior space where sound absorption is critical. Whatever the specification, Shanker Industries has just the right material for your situation.

Shanker Industries has been manufacturing authentic
decorative metal walls and ceilings since 1896. Even today, in this
high-tech world, we continue to use our Mammoth power press, which weighs more than 100,000 pounds and delivers an amazing 800 tons of pressure at every blow, assuring the accuracy and sharpness of each design.

Our History
Shanker Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing authentic decorative metal walls and ceilings since 1896 using sand cased steel dies from original woodcarvings. Our Mammoth power presses allows us to deliver the highest quality and consistent stampings with every- piece we manufacture.

Primary markets include restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs, renovation, restoration, new home construction, remodeling centers. DIY chains and lumberyards. Panels are also available in perforated for enhanced acoustical value. This has opened up doors to new markets such as hotels, conference centers, offices and other interiors where acoustics are an important consideration. Our cornice moldings are appropriate in any environment, and offer a permanent decorative accent. If existing walls are cracked and peeling our decorative steel panels will hide a multitude of irregularities. The tiles also make for great backsplash's, especially in Brass, Copper and Stainless steel.

Our ceilings can be seen in the TGI Friday's restaurants, Bojangles, Swensen, Ruby Tuesdays, Ted's Montana Grill, Outback Steak House, and many other restaurant chains. In addition retail outlets such as Ann Taylor Loft, Wet Seal, Contempo Casual and Polo Jeans. We recently supplied ceilings for the new Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo, and have representatives in the British Isles and Europe.

Press Release on Tin Ceilings

About Metal Ceilings
Metal ceilings were introduced in the early 1860's, as a way for middle class homeowners to replicate the look of expensive hand-carved plaster work at a fraction of the cost. They increased in popularity through the turn of the century for use on the walls and ceilings of taverns, food establishments, grocery chains and other buildings because of their fire resistance, as well as resistance to mildew, moisture and vermin.

Many times referred to as "tin ceilings" the panels were never actually made from tin. Some companies used tin plated steel, but eventually found this costly and unnecessary as most people painted over them anyway.

Many ceilings originally installed one hundred years ago, are still in good repair today. While disappearing briefly during World War II, metal ceilings have regained their popularity, as people continue to recapture our country's architectural heritage. Metal ceilings are truly a part of Americana.

Originally, metal ceilings were only installed by nailing to ceilings and walls using furring strips. Complete nail up installation instructions are available upon request covering both ceilings and cornices. Nail up installation should be considered for the most authentic effect.

Although any nails can be used to fasten the panels, we recommend our cone head nails, available in steel, brass, white and copper, as they give the ceiling a more finished, authentic look.

Shanker Industries now trims all patterns for standard 2' X 2' and 2' X 4' grid systems. We can cut to metric dimensions as well as English Standard.

When used in a grid system, we recommend backing the panels with 5/8" sheetrock or comparable material both to ensure proper fit in the grid and to meet local building codes. If a backer is not used, some other means is required to secure panels to the grid to prevent movement caused by air distribution.

For optimum effect, consider the use of the new, narrower 9/16" grid systems now being offered by manufacturers such as Chicago Metallic Corp. These blend into the design more readily, although any grid can be used.

For retrofitting an existing acoustical grid, installation is easy. Simply insert our metal panel between existing tile and grid. Paint over both the grid and panels using oil-based paint, and you will have a ceiling that should last two lifetimes or more



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