Tin ceiling components

Tile - A Metal Two Foot by Two Foot panel

Pattern - Design imprinted on metal panel

Filler - A metal panel with a non-descript design used between wall and patterned tiles to enhance the ceiling design

Cornice - A curved metal design Four foot long panel used between the metal ceiling and walls, creating a beautiful transition

Cross Tee - Strips used to support Panels for Lay In Grid style ceiling installation

Conehead nails - Used to affix metal panels to wall and ceilings, which come in an assortment of colors

Tin Ceiling Vocabulary

A - Field Panel - Main pattern you choose for your ceiling. This Pattern may cover the whole ceiling or can be centered as shown in the diagram above.

B - A Molding Strip can be used to enhance the design of the ceiling. It is installed between the field panels and the filler panel.

C - The Filler Panel is a panel with a simple over-all design such as a "Pebble" or "hammered" finish. This panel is used to center the Field Panel in the room.

D - The Cornice is applied to the junction of the wall and ceiling.