Speciality and Craft

Decorative and functional artistic flourishes for home and business.

We aren't only concerned with making your ceilings beautiful anymore; it's time for you to take the industry leading Shanko style to your walls!

NEW from Tin Ceiling Xpress!We are introducing a limited selection of gorgeous decorative tiles designed to enhance the walls of your home or business with beauty and functionality. We are making two of our most popular styles available with an exciting attribute that is unique to the industry: premium chalkboard slate centers, designed to frame and draw attention to the information written upon them. As these tiles are meant to be mounted on the wall, they also come with a timelessly beautiful frame. We are also offering a third style without the chalkboard center, but including the attractive frame. Order yours today!

Decorative Wall Mounts: Chalkboard Series

Our chalkboard series of decorative wall mount tiles features two of our most beloved styles: Cosmopolitan and Musical. Cosmopolitan is available in 3 finishes with a chalkboard center: Antique Steel Rust, Antique Cream, and Antique Copper Patina (pictured above). Musical is available in Antique Steel Rust and Antique Cream (pictured above).All finishes of both styles come with a stylish frame to enhance their presence on your walls.

What can you do with a wall-mounted chalkboard framed by a beautiful Shanko finished pattern?

  • Display the specials of the day for your store, boutique, or restaurant
  • Draw attention to sales or other customer-relevant information
  • Leave notes or pictures for your family and friends, or start a chore chart
  • ... the list goes on! The applications are only limited by your imagination.

Decorative Wall Mounts: Artistic Series

Like the idea of a wall mounted Shanko centerpiece, but don't have any use for a chalkboard center? Want to compliment your chalkboard tile with other beautiful wall mounted tiles? Now, from Tin Ceiling Xpress, you can purchase one of our favorite styles of authentic tin tile in 3 classical and attention-grabbing finishes. Our Renaissance tile is now available framed in 3 artisinal finishes: oil rubbed bronze (pictured), antique white gold (pictured),and antique cream. Don't hesitate to adorn your walls with these beautiful tiles - order today!

Tiles are 24" framed
Ship weight: 10 lbs. per tile
One Tile shipped per box