Why Shanko?


Our competitors simply cannot match the stamp of quality of our product!
Shanko invites you to compare our tiles side-by-side with our competitors.
Note the artistic harmony, unity of design, quality and historical accuracy of our tiles.

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  • Competitor v.s. Tin Ceiling Xpress


Shanko ceiling tiles come in easy to install 2’x2’ sheets with over 47 distinctive motifs, repeating in 3”, 6” and 12” patterns as well as 24” full tile designs. Our wide selection of cornices come in 48” lengths and range in projection size from 1½” to 15 5/8” to complete your look. Shanko also carries accessories (face plates, conehead nails, and hold-down clips) to complete your project.

Tin ceilings were traditionally painted white to give the appearance of hand-carved or molded plaster. Today, tin ceiling tiles are also used for accent walls, wainscoting, backsplashes and other design accents. Every Shanko tile and cornice is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including powder coated Solids, hand-painted Vintage colors, Antique finishes and Shanko Exclusive Woodgrain finishes.


With so many available options, feel free to consult with our design team.
We will help you find the perfect blend of pattern and finish for your project.

We offer four different Sample Packages to assist you in the design process.

Package One(3) Tiles plus (2) cornices combination

Package Two(5) Tile patterns

Package Three(5) finishes

Package Four(5) Tile/Cornice/Finish combination

Sample Packages are available for only $10.00 each, with FREE shipping & handling!

New! Check out our decorative chalkboard tiles!


Shanko goes the extra step to take care of our home, producing our quality tiles with green manufacturing practices right here in the United States. Our powder coating process is good for the environment- eliminating harmful waste products such as VOCs and solvents.

How is this Achived

  • Shanko is the world’s largest manufacturer of decorative ceiling & wall tiles: made with pride in the USA. Thousands of tiles are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.
  • Shanko utilizes only century-old, hand-carved first generation dies.
    Other manufacturers make copies that cannot match our fidelity.
  • Shanko has the largest hydraulic power presses in the industry - with the capacity for 600 tons of stamping pressure.
  • Our craftsmen take pride in their work- drawing on over 125 years of combined experience and industry know-how.
  • Shanko offers a wide selection of powder coated finishes, as well as Vintage hand-painted solids and Vintage hand-painted Antique finishes. Shanko also offers Exclusive Woodgrain finishes.
  • WhisperTech® acoustic dampening technology can be applied to all of our tiles: install with padding to reduce noise up to 85%.

Ruth operating press #2 our 600 ton Bliss power press


Joseph fabricating tiles with precision, accuracy and close attention to detail


Merlin displaying production of Classic Coffer tile

Shipping Supervisor Oscar displaying Bourbon tile in Lincoln Copper in stock and ready to ship

Onsite Powder Coating

Shanko has its own state-of-the-art powder coating facility onsite! This process uses static electricity to adhere powdered pigment to the tiles, which are then cured in our ovens. All tiles are available in a range of RAL colors, and can be color-matched to Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams palette. Cornices, Drop-grids and accessories can be powder coated to match your tiles.Powder Coating video >>

Tin Ceiling Xpress Videos

Tin Ceiling Xpresss vs. The Competitor

All About Tin Ceiling Xpress

Tin Ceiling Xpress - A View of Our Powder Coating Spray Booth and Curing Oven

Tin Ceiling Xpress vs. competitor - Medallion Pattern

Tin Ceiling Xpress vs. competitor - Large Floral Pattern

Tin Ceiling Xpress vs. competitor - Small Foral Pattern

Tin Ceiling Xpress vs. competitor - Square 12 Pattern

Tin Ceiling Xpress vs. competitor - Square 24 Pattern

Tin Ceiling Xpress vs. competitor - Victoriana Pattern

Worst Kitchen in America Contest

Our Tiles were showcased in HGTV's "Worst Kitchen in America Contest" to add authenticity to the kitchen of a 100 year old house. Please enjoy this episode- and if you have done any home improvements of your own, you will find yourself smiling at how things can go from bad to worse- then to beautiful.
Thank you Shanko