Perforated Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

NEW! Now all Tin Ceiling Xpress ceiling tiles are available with WhisperTech® acoustic dampening technology, providing the best in noise reduction for your home and office.

It's hard to believe a tin ceiling tile can have sound dampening abilities, but now our entire line can be purchased with acoustic dampening technology. Apply our Micro-perforated Tin Ceiling Tiles with padding and reduce room noise up to 85%!

Get the Best of Both, Style & Comfort!

  • Available in all Tin Ceiling Patterns & Finishes
  • Fits both Nail up & Lay-in Applications.
  • Micro-perforated Tin Ceiling Tiles are Class A – One Hour fire rating

Micro-perforated Tin Ceiling Tile Specifications:

TYP Hole Size: 0.028” (0.7mm)
Distance: 0.207” on straight centers
NRC: 0.25 tile only, 0.85 tile backed with Acoustical Pad
Tolerance: +/- 1/64 on length and width

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