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500 (Majestic)


2' x 2'


2 lbs

Size :

2' x 4'
Available, call 1.800.570.0592


24" Pattern


Surface Mount: Nail-Up, Glue-Up or Screw-In application

sound absorption for enhanced acoustics



Product Description

Our 500 (Majestic) patterned tin ceiling tiles feature a beautifully-crafted, ornate design sure to bring an ornamented and stylish flair to your home remodeling project. This 24” tin ceiling pattern boldly commands attention - it is unafraid to take up space and makes use of every inch of the fine authentic tin that it is pressed from. This ornamental tile makes a striking statement in spacious interiors, and is perfect for the living room and ballroom alike. 500 (Majestic) metal ceiling tiles can be easily installed as surface mount or as a drop ceiling using a grid (lay-in), and are available unfinished or pre-finished in white, vintage hand-painted, clear lacquer and powder-coated finishes. Visit our tin ceiling installation guide for more information about tin ceiling installation, and our Available Finishes page for a complete listing of all finishes from Shanko. NEW! Now all Shanko ceiling tiles are available with WhisperTech® acoustic dampening technology, providing the best noise reduction for your Commercial or Residential project.

Shanko now offers custom face plates for all your Backsplash and Wainscoting needs. For a complete listing of our custom face plates, please visit our Face Plate page.