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606 (Ribbon)


2' x 2'


2 lbs

Size :

2' x 4'
Available, call 1.800.570.0592


3" Repeat


Surface Mount: Nail-Up, Glue-Up or Screw-In application

sound absorption for enhanced acoustics



Product Description

606 (Ribbon) is a unique pattern with an antique tin ceiling tile feel. At the turn of the century, 606 (Ribbon) patterned tin tiles were popular with the owners of many New York city shops. Even today, sharp eyes wandering through downtown New York will notice many of the original authentic tin tiles still in place. Our 606 (Ribbon) tiles measure 24”, and feature a refined and classic repeated 606 (Ribbon) pattern. Ideal to be installed as a dramatic backsplash or simply as a vintage tin ceiling, our 606 (Ribbon) patterned pressed tin tiles are made from the finest authentic tin and can be installed as surface mount direct-apply or as a lay-in drop ceiling using a grid (for more information about tin ceiling installation, visit our Installation Guides page). 606 (Ribbon) tin ceiling tiles are available in unfinished steel, clear lacquer, powder coated, and vintage hand-painted finishes. For a complete listing of our available tin ceiling tile finishes, please visit our Available Finishes page. NEW! Now all Shanko ceiling tiles are available with WhisperTech® acoustic dampening technology, providing the best noise reduction for your Commercial or Residential project.  

Shanko now offers custom face plates for all your Backsplash and Wainscoting needs. For a complete listing of our custom face plates, please visit our Face Plate page.